Candidate Services

You know you’re an impact player, so let Jonathan Paul Associates help you find the opportunity that will let you make your impact.

We’ll act as your “Career Agent,” marketing you to the people who are looking for your skills and talents. This puts you in a better position to negotiate and find the position that maximizes your potential.

We literally have hundreds of conversations with the decision-makers of leading companies on a regular basis. We are experts in specific industries where we can have the most impact, insights and provide the greatest value. This means that we will be better able to guide you to the best opportunity in your industry.

We are not a job board where employers can indiscriminately sift through resumes. We are very respectful of your confidentiality and will not release it unless you want us to.

We provide you with key information and guidance throughout the hiring experience. Including background on companies, the hiring authorities, and what they are looking for during the interview. You are not in this alone.

Are you being paid what you’re worth? We know what the fair market value is and what you can expect or request.

If necessary, we can provide you with a free relocation service that will assist you in making a smooth transition to your new city. We understand that we need to make your entire family happy, not just you. In addition, our relocation tools can also help you calculate potential expenses or choose the right community.

Jonathan Paul Associates is your personal career partner. If you’re ready to improve your life and your career, submit your resume for us to review.

Relocation Tools

If you’re considering relocating or asking someone else to relocate, you probably have a lot of questions. Our office can provide you with free guidance along with a comprehensive menu of relocation services. In addition, from calculating potential expenses to choosing the right community, these tools can help with any move, whether locally or cross-country.

Salary Calculator: Compare the cost of living in hundreds of US cities.

City Reports: The City Reports gives you a side-by-side comparison of two cities’ cost of living, climate, demographics, and other vital information.

Community Details: Use the Community Calculator to identify neighborhoods in other communities in the United States with ZIP codes that have similar demographics.

Crime Lab: The Relocation Crime Lab has crime indexes for thousands of US cities as well as Canadian cities.

Lifestyle Optimizer: Use this search tool to create a list of the 10 best cities for you to live by selecting one characteristic to rank cities and then restricting the search to cities with certain demographic, economic, or climate conditions.

Moving Calculator: Use this calculator to estimate interstate or local moving costs in the United States.

Mortgage Calculator: This calculator will compute the monthly principal and interest payments on a mortgage.