About Jonathan Paul Associates

Jonathan Paul Associates is one of the nation’s leading environmental search firms and is dedicated to enabling people and companies to reach their full potential in all disciplines that affect air, water and soil.

Mission Statement

We strive to understand and integrate ourselves into our clients’ culture and to become a strategic consultant with helping them grow and to stay apprised of the current and ever changing environmental market conditions. We pride ourselves on being consultants to our clients and not a “resume house”.

In times of economic prosperity or downturn, we are in an age of this being a candidate driven market.  With the steadily increasing retirement of the baby boomers and the gap in technical expertise in our current workforce, this will be a candidate driven market for many years to come.  We help our clients stay ahead of market conditions like this with top performers that will keep their firm growing and profitable.

How Jonathan Paul Associates can help you

We know a resume only represents a 1/3 of what makes a candidate a fit. The second 1/3 is the candidate’s motivation.  Are they truly motivated to make a change and have they exhausted all opportunities for remedy at their existing firm?  The final 1/3 is the candidates cultural fit to the potential destination firm.  What size, style, location? Are they publically traded, privately held, conservative or entrepreneurial in nature, etc…?  By the time we present a candidate, you can consider them vetted and the first interview – DONE!

For clients with permanent staffing needs, we stand behind our permanent placement talent with a 100% guarantee.  Should you consider Contract Staffing, we handle 100% of the back office administration.  All the client does is sign the timecard. It’s that easy! 

For candidates who desire to make a permanent change, we can offer career advice and even play a major role in placing you in your next career opportunity.  For those candidates who’d like to remain in the workforce after retirement (due to necessity or want), or for those candidates who are looking for lifestyle balance, Contract Staffing has become a growing option for many folks.

Our Principal

Paul Palazzolo, Founder and President Paul Palazzolo

As Founder and President, Paul directs the firm with a focus on enabling and maintaining the highest level of professional standards for its clients. In addition to his management responsibilities, Paul remains an active, mid to senior level executive search consultant for clients in both the public and private sectors. By leveraging his over 20 years of experience as an accomplished executive for several Fortune 500 companies, Paul has emerged as an authority in environmental consultancy staffing for client companies and candidates alike for over 10 years now.

Prior to founding the firm, Paul held top tier management positions through which he developed a strong skill set and reputation as an expert in the areas of change management, cost containment and process innovation, among others. Paul's unique perspective enables him to represent the firm's environmental and engineering client companies and candidates with an understanding of the tangible and intangible aspects of a perpetually changing business climate.

Personal Philosophy: “I believe in the importance of the intangible as well as the tangible. These are often the characteristics that separate good from great. I believe that, in this world of impressive technology, too many companies forget that their most important asset is their people.”

There is no secret to being a highly successful search firm.

  • We truly listen to our clients’ needs.
  • We find all candidates with qualified backgrounds.
  • We communicate effectively with all the candidates and probe deeply into their life and career.
  • We then present those candidates with whom the timing and fit is a match for our client.

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